We are Megan and RJ Barrett – high school sweethearts married for 10+ years who are passionate about all things travel. We created this blog on the belief that life wasn’t designed for the modern work-until-you-can-afford-to-retire-and-hope-you-have-enough-life-left-to-live mentality, having to pack your personal life into a weekend, as well as the unnecessary obligations of the 21st century . Life is a terminal illness from which there is no escape, so you might as well have as much fun as possible on the way out. We have found travel to be the best remedy (See also: placebo).
In our opinion there are two types of travelers. The first type are seeking some much-needed R&R from the monotony of daily living. They’re content with parking their behind on a luxurious strip of sand and napping until sun-burned on one side. The second type wish to wring out every possible drop of experience they can from the time afforded. They’re not content with wasting time on such ordinary things as eating or a full night’s sleep. While we definitely lean toward the latter of the two, you probably fall somewhere in-between. There is no wrong way to travel and everyone deserves to experience the World as they see fit.
Our goal is to inspire you to turn your “dreams” into “done that” by providing the tools for:
 – Solid planning
 – Easy organization
 – Effective saving habits
 – Finding the best travel companions
 – Acquiring the right attitude
 – Easing any fears of travelling
 – And so much more…
This blog provides a space to share our experiences and give valuable insights into the possibilities that amazing destinations can provide you.
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We are RJ and Megan Barrett- A husband and wife team who are passionate for all things travel!