I.pngn Part 3 of our Iceland Packing List, we’ll cover both the essential and non-essential extras you’ll need for a successful tour of the country’s dramatic and rugged landscape. While we’ve written this packing list specifically for those intrepid explorers who’ll be road tripping via campervan, it’ll work equally well for the everyday tourist with a rental car and sense of adventure!

If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you read Part 1 of our Iceland Packing List where we discuss Iceland’s weather and seasons as well as the types of clothing which will work best for keeping you warm and comfortable during your visit. Also, Part 2 where we cover the best luggage for campervanning through Iceland.

You can click on the images below to view those articles now or continue scrolling to finish reading.

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Swim Wear

Landbrotalaug Hot Spring 2If you want to experience Iceland’s many natural hot springs or splurge on a relaxing day at The Blue Lagoon, then you’ll need to bring along a Swimsuit

Monsters of the Blue Lagoon
Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon is just one of the endless opportunities to get yourself into hot water!

Honestly, any swimsuit you already own will most likely be just fine, so you don’t need to stress too much. But due to Iceland’s cool temperatures year-round, you’ll want to make sure that whatever you bring along is quick-drying.

Avoid bringing Cotton or Linen swimsuits as they’ll soak up way too much water and take forever to dry. Seriously, does anyone like putting on a cold, wet swimsuit a day or two after they last wore it?!

Convertible/amphibian shorts are a great travel investment for men. They look great as regular shorts but are made from quick-drying fabric that works perfectly for swimming.

Page Break Watercolor 4Pajamas/Loungewear

After exploring all day out in the elements, you’re going to want an opportunity to change out of the clothes you’ve been wearing and relax in something more comfortable.

Polyester Fleece is the perfect loungewear for Iceland since these garments can also double as a Mid Layer insulationsaving precious room in your luggage. They’re great for travel because they are super comfortable and work equally well for planes and trains, as well as lounging and wearing around town.

The Perfect Polyester Fleece Jacket

Patagonia Better Sweater Full-Zip Performance Hoodie

GO Score - Love!


Patagonia Better SweaterThe Good

The Patagonia Better Sweater has nice styling and a wonderfully form-hugging fit. They are extremely lightweight, comfortable, warm, resist absorbing moisture more than any other material, and dry very quickly.

Polyester fleece is the best material at regulating your temperature from strenuous activities to being at rest without overheating or feeling chilled.

The Bad

Not wind resistant whatsoever. The hood is tight. They are an expensive (though necessary) additional investment. Polyester Fleece is also pretty bulky and doesn’t compress very well making them tougher to pack into smaller bags.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend getting a Performance Fleece Like the Patagonia Better Sweater for when you’ll be doing highly aerobic activities like the hike to Glymur Waterfall or the Hot River.

These jackets breathe amazingly well so you won’t overheat when you’re the most physically active (just be sure you keep your Rain Jacket accessible in case it starts to rain.)

They’re also wonderfully suited for lounging after a hard day of exploring Iceland as they are both exceedingly warm and comfortable to wear all day long.

Shop for Men’s Sizes on Amazon

 Shop for Women’s Sizes on Amazon

 The Best Sweatpants You’ll Ever Own

REI Teton Fleece Pants

GO Score - Love!


REI Teton FleeceThe Good

Warm, comfortable, lightweight, moisture resisting, quick-drying, and stylish enough wear out in public without looking like you’ve given up on life.

The Bad

Like all polyester fleece, these do not block wind, and you may think they’re a bit pricey for sweatpants. Despite being very lightweight, fleece is pretty bulky since it doesn’t compress very well and is more difficult to pack than some other materials.

The Bottom Line

The REI Teton Fleece Pants are the absolute best mid layer pants for Iceland, travel, and life in general! Seriously, these pants are perfect for traveling, lounging, flying on an airplane, hiking – whatever you’ve got going on, you’ll never want to take them off!

RJ absolutely loves these pants and has worn them daily for weeks, lounging after work, without so much as a tinge of odor.

Shop for Men’s Sizes on REI

Shop for Women’s Sizes on REI

Leggings, Yoga Pants, and linen pants are great options for women as they’re proven comfortable and stylish enough for a variety of activities.

The Best of the Best

Fleece-Lined Leggings & Yoga Pants

GO Score - Love!


Fleece Lined LeggingsThe Good

Affordable, insanely comfortable, highly breathable, quick-drying, warm, packable, and they don’t restrict movement.

The Bad

Not wind resistant whatsoever

The Bottom Line

Leggings or yoga pants are the perfect mid layer pants for Iceland and chances are good you already own a pair (or more) that you absolutely love!

There are many different thickness options available from different manufacturers, so it’s important to check any you may already own prior to your trip. Luckily, there are many affordable styles available online with added fleece linings for increased warmth.

Shop for Fleece-Lined Leggings on Amazon

Shop for Yoga Pants on Amazon

Cotton PJ’s and Linen Pants are actually perfectly fine for loungewear as long as you’re completely out of the elements – like lounging in your campervan before bed.

The Best Linen Pants

Roxy Oceanside Pants

GO Score - Happy


Linen Pants (womens)The Good

Comfortable, Breathable, Stylish, come in a variety of colors, cheap, loose fitting

The Bad

wrinkles easily, doesn’t compress well for packing, doesn’t provide protection from wind and rain, not particularly warm, takes a long time to dry, made from cotton, doesn’t stretch well

The Bottom Line

While a pair of cotton linen pants is definitely NOT ideal for Iceland’s climate, they are perfectly fine to bring along as travel loungers as they are very, very comfortable.

If you’re someone who’s prone to overheating easily or don’t care to wear restrictive clothing for a long period, you may find these pants ideal to change into at the end of a long day of exploring. They are also well-suited for airplane travel.

Shop for Men’s Linen Pants on Amazon

Shop for Women’s Linen Pants on Amazon

If you tend to run hot, or just want to be out of your constraining clothing at the end of a long day, then pack some linen shorts and a stretch t-shirt.

The Best Linen Shorts

Casual Summer Beach Shorts

GO Score - Love!


Linen Shorts (Mens)The Good

Comfortable, Breathable, Stylish, come in a variety of colors, cheap, loose fitting

The Bad

Single-use item, takes a long time to dry, wrinkles easily, not warm, made from cotton, they don’t stretch well

The Bottom Line

A pair of linen beach shorts are perfect for people who might overheat in sweatpants. They make really comfortable loungewear – perfect for flying! They’re also best for people who don’t like pants or constricting clothing.

Shop for Men’s Linen Shorts on Amazon

Shop for Women’s Linen Shorts on Amazon

The Best Travel T-Shirt

V-Neck Tee

GO Score - Happy


Mens TshirtThe Good

Form-fitting style, breathable, soft, comfortable, comes in infinite colors and patterns, lightweight, and packable.

The Bad

Made from cotton, takes a long time to dry, it’s only good as loungewear in Iceland

The Bottom Line

A cotton stretch T-shirt is great as part of a layering system or on its own – perfect for absolutely ANY traveler! It’s a mainstay in our travel wardrobe, goes with any style and creates an infinite number of clothing options and combinations.

There’s an infinite number of stretch-fit cotton t-shirts available on Amazon, but we chose one with great reviews, a fantastic price, and an abundance of color options.

Page Break Watercolor 4Slippers

Slippers are also a great addition for loungewear. Great ones will have durable soles that will allow you to walk to the campground’s showers or restrooms in the middle of the night. And they’re awesome for your flight as well. Don’t forget a clean, dry pair of socks (your feet will thank you!)

The Best Travel Slippers EVER!

The North Face Thermoball Traction Bootie

GO Score - Love!


North Face Thermoball SlippersThe Good

They pack extremely well – better than any slipper we’ve ever seen! They’re synthetic fill uppers with durable tread that allows you to walk outdoors. They cover the whole foot for added warmth and still slide on very easily.

Additionally, they’re stylish, extremely comfortable, warm, lightweight, well made (quality), and affordable. they slide on easily, they’re a bootie so they cover the full foot,

The Bad

The nylon can tear easily, there’s a small but sharp tag on the inside that rubs on your ankle if you don’t carefully remove it, colors are limited to a few black or grey options

The Bottom Line

The North Face Thermoball Traction Bootie compress down flat which makes them extremely packable so you can take them on absolutely every trip you go on! They’re perfect for ANY traveler!

They slip on easily for going through security so they’re great for airports. They’re stylish enough to be worn out without looking like you’re wearing slippers.

We absolutely love these slippers – they’ve replaced our much more expensive Lamo slippers as our daily pair – they’ll be going on all our future trips with us!

Page Break Watercolor 4Yak-Trax

Yak TrakIf you’re going in the fall or winter, sidewalks and trails may be icy and you will need additional protection for walking in these conditions.

Yak-Trax are an ingenious pair of metal coils that slip onto the bottom of your boots with elastic bands that prevent you from slipping and falling while walking on ice.

They also work great for extra traction in extremely muddy conditions, so they’re extra well suited for Iceland’s rugged conditions. If you’re planning a trip to Iceland during the winter months, then a pair of Yak-Trax are definitely a good idea!

Page Break Watercolor 4Quick drying towel

Microfiber towelProbably the single most useful item you will need in Iceland is a quick-drying towel.

You will use it for everything on your trip – from drying your hands after dishes, to wiping off your face after a visit to a waterfall, after a long soak in one of Iceland’s many natural Hot Springs, and for wiping off your fogged-up windshield on a frosty morning.


Page Break Watercolor 4Scrubba™ Portable Laundry System and Clothesline

Scrubba Wash BagIf you’re going to Iceland for longer than a week, then you’ll more than likely need to do at least some laundry to get you through the end of your trip.

The Scrubba Portable Laundry System is hands down the best way to do laundry while campervanning! It’s super easy, takes only a couple minutes, and can almost qualify as fun.

This is honestly one of the best travel gadgets for frequent travelers and means you don’t have to search for a laundromat while you’re exploring a destination.

Just don’t forget a clothesline with clothespins and some powdered laundry detergent!

Page Break Watercolor 4Headlamp

If you’re headed to Iceland in the middle of Summer, then you can skip this suggestion. But if you’re going during any other time of year – especially Winter when daylight hours are limited – then you’ll definitely need to pack a flashlight.

Your best option is a headlamp because it’ll leave your hands free to do other things. It’ll prove invaluable when you need to use the restroom during the middle of the night and to have near you while you sleep so you don’t have to turn on the lights of the campervan.

It’s also great for those early morning, or late evening, treks out to a natural hot spring – which is the best way to enjoy the dark starry sky and possibly the Northern Lights!

The Best Headlamp for Travel

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

GO Score - Happy


Black Diamond Storm HeadlampThe Good

Super bright, multiple settings for brightness, red light for preserving night vision, leaves your hands free for other tasks, adjustable elastic headband, comfortable to wear for long periods, very packable, lightweight, easy to replace batteries, very well made, water resistant, durable, comes in a few different colors, LED lights, great safety item to have, the light angle is adjustable, it’s easy to use and adjust!

The Bad

Expensive for a headlamp and seems to go through batteries quickly

The Bottom Line

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp is the brightest we’ve seen – no more limited vision with weak lights in the dark. It’s great for hikes in the dark or trips to the toilet in the middle of the night. It’s easily packable so you can bring it everywhere you travel and is great for photographers.

We always bring our headlamps on every trip no matter where we’re going because we always find them useful – they are a great safety item to have and are good for your peace of mind. We would recommend every traveler invest in a quality headlamp because they are among the most useful items you can pack and are so small and lightweight you can always keep them with you.

Page Break Watercolor 4Toiletries

We’ve included toiletries on this list so that you don’t forget them. There aren’t special toiletry items you’ll need for Iceland, so just make sure to pack whatever you normally would when traveling. The list below isn’t meant to be a complete list, but rather some suggested items.

Page Break Watercolor 4Water Bottle and Water Quality

One thing you’ll hear over and over about Iceland is that their water quality is OUTRAGEOUSLY pure! There’s seriously no need to purchase bottled water because you can fill up your own water bottle practically anywhere you go with some of the best tasting water you’ve ever drunk!

The Best Travel Water Bottle

Hydrapack Stash Water Bottle

GO Score - Love!


HydraPak Stash Water BottleThe Good

It collapses into a small puck which makes it EXTREMELY packable! It’s also lightweight, a full liter, has a wide mouth opening, is very well made and durable, has measurements on the side, has a handle that you can attach a carabiner to for clipping onto backpacks or for holding, and is BPA free.

An added benefit for us is that it screws onto our water filter for easier pumping.

The Bad

Requires two hands to drink easily due to the flexibility of the material, you’ll need a splash guard to control the flow of liquids as you’re drinking, the soft material could be punctured by sharp objects and excessive force (though it has never happened to us)

NOTE: in order to collapse or fill the water bottle, you’ll need to unscrew the cap to allow air to flow in or out. It’s not really a problem, but you will have difficulty particularly while collapsing the bottle if you don’t.

The Bottom Line

The Hydrapack Stash Water Bottle is great for carryon travelers who want an easily packable and quality water bottle. The compact design is perfect for getting through airport security, or packing away when you don’t have it filled – it takes up MUCH less space than conventional water bottles.

Our favorite travel water bottle is this collapsible 1-Liter wide-mouth from Hydrosplash because we can dump some ice into it easily and it collapses down to the size of a hockey puck for simple storage in our daypacks.

We definitely recommend getting a splash guard and a carabiner to clip it anywhere you need.

We only recommend the 1-liter bottle because it has a wide mouth opening which is easier for adding ice and pouring in liquids – the other sizes have a smaller opening.

Page Break Watercolor 4

Mesh Bug Net for your Face

Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net with Insect ShieldWhile there aren’t any mosquitos in Iceland – yet – there are Midges and Black Flies in Iceland, and especially in Myvatn, which literally translates to Midge Lake in Icelandic.

These insects aren’t dangerous, but they do swarm which is highly annoying when they’re around your face.

Skip the bug spray and bring a bug net for your head – especially if you plan on exploring the area around Myvatn during the Summer months.

Skip this item altogether if you don’t plan on going to Iceland in the Summer.

Page Break Watercolor 4Eye Mask for Summer Sleeping

Silk Sleep MaskIf you plan on going to Iceland during summer, then an eye mask is essential because of the endless sunlight.

You’ll only need them in summer since daylight hours return to normal in Spring and Fall, but you may still want them if you prefer them for your flight.

A Buff can double as an eye mask, scarf, and face mask making it one of the easiest travel items to recommend.

Page Break Watercolor 4Earplugs

Foam Ear PlugsIn Part-1 of our Iceland Packing List, we talked about Iceland’s incredibly powerful wind and how that affects what you’ll need to pack. In addition to your clothing, the way the wind can buffet and whistle against your campervan can really affect your quality of sleep.

This was something we hadn’t been prepared for during our first visit, and we really wished we had brought some earplugs for the first couple of nights while we were adjusting to sleeping out in the countryside.

We HIGHLY recommend bringing some earplugs for yourself. They take up next to zero space in your luggage and can help you get much better sleep. You can either purchase several disposable earplugs, or for a few dollars, you can invest in a pair of reusable silicone earplugs that can be washed after each use.

Earplugs are also another fantastic travel item to have for your flights, so it’s a no-brainer to bring them along with you when visiting Iceland!

Page Break Watercolor 4Sunglasses

SunglassesSo far, we’ve talked a lot about Iceland’s extreme weather, but it’s not totally fair to say that it doesn’t get its share of beautifully sunny days. In fact, the majority of our time visiting Iceland was perfectly sunny and pleasant; it’s just that the weather really could turn very quickly, so we feel it’s necessary and important to relay that information to our readers.

So with that being said, having a good pair of sunglasses with you is just as important as having a quality rain jacket while in Iceland. Due to personal preferences and facial sizes and shapes, we can’t recommend a specific pair of sunglasses – you’re on your own! (However, a pair of Retro Wayfarers are a cheap and classic design that work on just about every person’s face.)

We recommend shopping for a pair of cheap sunglasses on Amazon – there are endless options available. RJ has his favorite pair that only cost $10 and usually buys a few pairs at a time. While not essential, look for Polarized lenses which help cut the sun’s glare and make colors POP!

Page Break Watercolor 4Music for the Road

Music can accentuate your visual experience, so bring an epic playlist for your epic drive – you’ll associate your Iceland memories to those songs when you hear them again in the future!

We won’t give a specific playlist since music is such a personal thing – but Iceland is dramatic, so plan accordingly!

Page Break Watercolor 4Non-Essential Extras

The following items are non-essential extras to consider packing along on your trip to Iceland. If you’ve run out of room in your luggage, then these items are the very first things to leave at home!

Page Break Watercolor 4Collapsible water bucket

We’ll admit up-front that this suggestion isn’t a necessity what-so-ever, but a collapsible water bucket is one of those extremely useful and versatile items that are easy to recommend – especially since they take up very little space in your luggage. It can be used to transport water, put out a campfire, do the dishes or the laundry, or as a pseudo-shower or washbasin.

The Best Water Bucket for Travel

SeaToSummit Collapsible Water Bucket

GO Score - Love!


SeaToSummit Collapsible Water BucketThe Good

The SeaToSummit water bucket holds 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of liquid, making it really easy to transport water when you’re some distance away from a water source.

There’s quality construction and material throughout – plastic welded seems and a very durable carrying handle. The bottom of the bucket is made with an abrasion-resistant material that also makes the bucket free-standing on a level surface.

The bucket’s opening is wide which makes filling or scooping out liquids painless. The inside has measurements that are clear to read, and there’s a small handle near the base that makes it simple to pour carefully or for dumping the contents.

Additionally, the bucket comes with a small carrying pouch a little larger than a deck of cards for compact storage when not in use. The carrying pouch comes with a few different attachment points to a bag or backpack.

The Bad

Prone to tipping if not placed on a very level surface, it’s a little difficult to get it back into the carrying pouch, there’s no closure once it’s been filled so the contents can splash out while you’re walking or moving the bucket

The Bottom Line

While not the most important or necessary item for every travel situation, the small size and convenient packability make it easy to consider for many different trips.

The SeaToSummit Collapsible Water Bucket is perfect for any trip where water collection and transport are a necessity – like camping, road trips, festivals, etc. It can also double as a kitchen sink for when you need to do dishes or laundry.

We would definitely recommend this bucket for Iceland since it has many uses and takes up next to no room in your luggage. It makes it incredibly easy to transport large amounts of water without sacrificing nearly any space in your luggage.

Page Break Watercolor 4Bedding and Pillows

While most companies will supply you with bedding (sometimes at an additional charge,) sadly they can leave a lot to be desired. We found the sleeping bags were a bit too thin for our liking, and the blankets were too small for tall people.

While not the most essential item to remember, if your sleep situation is highly important to you then you may want to consider packing a quality sleeping bag rated 30°F or lower. Don’t worry about being too cold, however, the heater we had in our campervan kept us warm throughout the night.

Bring an inflatable pillow for sleeping which doubles as back support for driving and flying, or better yet, invest in a quality synthetic fill jacket like the Patagonia Micro-Puff which can pack down into its own pocket to become a wonderfully useful pillow!

The Best Travel Pillow EVER!

Cocoon Air Core Travel Pillow

GO Score - Love!



Collapsible, packs down to fit in the palm of your hand or inside your pants pocket, fully adjustable to fit your sleep comfort, works as a backrest while flying or for road trips, soft, lightweight, and affordable!

The Bad

It can be popped so you have to be a little careful when it’s inflated, some may find it a little noisy, some may not find it as comfortable as a traditional pillow since it uses air and not padding or fill,

The Bottom Line

Great for carryon travelers who want an easily packable and quality travel pillow, packs away when you don’t need it, takes up MUCH less space than conventional pillows in your luggage.

Our favorite travel pillow is the Air Core Travel Pillow by Cocoon because we can collapse it down small enough to fit in our pants pocket which makes for simple storage in our luggage.

It’s ideal for multiple different uses including extra support for your back when sitting for long periods, and as a footrest while lounging.

Definitely be sure and research the available bedding with your rental company prior to your trip.

Page Break Watercolor 4Bag locks and cable

Bag Lock and CableIf you’re afraid of theft during travel, this may help for peace of mind. Bag Locks are specially designed to attach through the zippers of your luggage so others can’t easily get to the contents inside.

The addition of a cable is so you can easily lock your bag to a table, chair, or other objects while you’re sitting at a café or restaurant. This way, you can focus on enjoying yourself without worrying about a thief snatching your bag while you’re not looking.

It’s important to note that Bag Locks MUST be TSA approved if you plan on using them while at the airport. This means the locks have a special keyhole that airport security has a key to unlock and inspect your luggage at security checkpoints. Otherwise, your locks will be cut off and discarded.

Honestly, theft isn’t a problem in Iceland as it is in other European countries, so they’re not an essential item to pack unless you would personally prefer to. We have them but have never used them.

Page Break Watercolor 4Sneakers

In Part-1 of our Iceland Packing List, we talked about how important a quality pair of waterproof hiking boots were to the comfort and success of your visit to Iceland. While we are thoroughly adamant that they’re what you should be wearing during the majority of your trip, there are still going to be opportunities were a good pair of sneakers are going to suit you just fine.

A second pair of shoes are another item that isn’t essential for your Iceland Packing List unless you prefer to have something other than large hiking boots while exploring Reykjavik.

The Best Travel Sneakers for Women

Roxy Bayshore Slip-Sneaker

GO Score - Love!


Roxy Bayshore ShoesThe Good

Packs down extremely well – collapses nearly flat, lightweight, comfortable to wear for long periods, stylish, comes in a variety of colors and patterns, affordable, durable, breathable, can be worn comfortably without socks, snug fit, memory foam insert, no garish branding, and the insides are made from teary cloth for added comfort against the skin.

The Bad

Definitely not waterproof, doesn’t have great tread for hiking

The Bottom Line

The Roxy Bayshore Slip-Sneaker are a great pair of simple yet stylish sneakers that can be matched with several different outfits. They’re extremely durable and packable so you can always travel with a reliable pair of sneakers in your suitcase. These have become Megan’s favorite pair of shoes to travel with as they work excellently for urban exploring and casual outings.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and packability with these shoes – you can get the best of both without having to bring multiple pairs, or even taking up much room in your luggage, at a cost that won’t break your budget!

The Best Travel Sneakers for Men

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneaker

GO Score - Love!


Converse Chuck Taylor Low TopThe Good

Classic styling – goes with nearly any outfit, comes in an infinite number of colors, materials, and patterns, packs down nearly flat for easy storage in your suitcase, material won’t wrinkle or deform when packed, lightweight, comfortable to wear all day, breaths exceptionally well, durable, can be worn comfortably without socks, really good tread, and is affordable!

The Bad

Not waterproof, not good support for some sensitive feet

The Bottom Line

Converse Chuck Taylor’s have an iconic look that is perfect for pairing with a variety of outfits and situations. They’re extremely durable and packable so you can always travel with a reliable pair of sneakers in your suitcase. These have become RJ’s favorite pair of shoes to travel with as they work excellently for urban exploring and casual outings.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and packability with these shoes – you can get the best of both without having to bring multiple pairs, or even taking up much room in your luggage, at a cost that won’t break your budget!

Page Break Watercolor 4Flip Flops

Campervanning in Iceland presents many opportunities for getting yourself into hot-water – but in a good way! If you plan on staying at one of the many campgrounds around the country, then you should absolutely take advantage of the excellent shower facilities. There are also amazing opportunities to take a dip in natural and man-made hot springs all around Iceland.

A pair of flip flops are a great item to have for both situations, though Iceland has VERY strict etiquette when it comes to public pools and hot springs, so make sure you follow the rules where they are posted! When in doubt – ASK!  

The Best Travel Flip Flops EVER!

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling & Men’s Beer Cozy Flip Flops

GO Score - Love!


Sanuk Flip FlopsThe Good

Extremely comfortable – the most comfortable flip flops you will ever put on your feet, comes in many different patterns and colors, stylish, durable, recycled materials, extremely packable, lightweight, deforms to your foot for personalized fit, materials don’t cause blisters between the toes

The Bad

Expensive! Does not breathe well in excessive heat which causes sweating on the bottoms of your feet for some people, footbed materials absorb a lot of water and cause your feet to slide around while walking and squish a lot while walking

The Bottom Line

Even though Iceland’s climate isn’t ideal for flip flops, they’re still a great item to have for showering or getting around the country’s many natural hot springs. While they’re not an absolute necessity, their packability makes them easy to suggest for consideration in your Iceland Packing List.

Made with squishy beer cozies or old yoga mats for extreme comfort on your feet –

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling & Men’s Beer Cozy Flip Flops are seriously the most comfortable flip flops we have ever worn. They wholly justify the outrageous price in our opinion, and we think you’ll agree if you ever have the chance to try a pair for yourself. We balked at the outrageous price when multiple family members had swore by them, and it wasn’t until we tried them for ourselves that we both have purchased multiple pairs and are now the only flip flops we will ever consider wearing.

RJ can wear his flip flops all day without any problems (though he has worn shitty flip flops on a 17-mile hike through the Sawtooth mountains with little discomfort, so he may just be a freak!)

Men’s Beer Cozy

Women’s Yoga Sling

Page Break Watercolor 4Travel Insurance

Iceland is very expensive. The extreme landscape and weather present many hazards that can get you injured or killed. These are all reasons to protect your finances and health from uncertainties.

Cover your ass with Travel Insuranceit’s much cheaper and easier than you think!

We wrote an entire article comparing the top 20 Travel Insurance Providers and their different plans. We created an interactive table that allows you to see all important aspects of each plan, side-by-side, and narrow down the list to the best insurance plans at the right price.

How to Review Travel Insurance Providers (Including Cost, Ratings, and Trip Cancellation) - Facebook Feature

Page Break Watercolor 4

Download the Complete Packing List

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